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Swing check valves are of self-contained, free-swinging disc style, allowing a clear waterway. Valve disc swings freely open and is keyed to valve hinge pin without the use of pins. Valves conform to all standards set forth in AWWA C508, Latest Edition. Valve hinge pins are Stainless Steel. Manufacturer should have a minimum of ten years experience supplying AWWA C508 valves.

Referenced Standards
ANSI B16.1: Cast Iron Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings Class 125
AWWA C508: Swing Check Valves for Waterworks Service, 2 through 24

Valves are rated for 350psi water working pressure. All testing is done in accordance with AWWA C508

End Configuration
Valves have integrally cast flat face flanges in accordance with ANSI B16.1 Class 125.

All ductile iron, which includes Hinge, Disc, body and Cover conforms to ASTM GR-65-45-12
Hinge Pins conform to ASTM A276 GR316
Seat Rings are of Stainless Steel conforming to ASTM A276 GR316

Internal and external coatings are two-component epoxy conforming to AWWA C550.

All valves meet the standards of AWWA C508. All valves utilize a single disc mounted to a clevis hinge which prevents the disc from tipping. The valve disc swings open once the pump starts and allows for full flow. When closed the valve offers a tight shut-off. Valve body, cover and valve hinge are of Ductile Iron. Disc seating surface is Buna-N. Valve seat rings are of Stainless Steel.

The valve body has a bolted cover design and flanges are integral to body casting not wafer style. Valve body and disc are designed in such a way as to minimize turbulence. Spring and cushion systems are externally mounted on the side of the body and do not come into contact with main line media.

Cushion systems are one piece all bronze construction with integral pad mounted directly to the body with stainless steel fasteners. Air cushion shall consist of bronze and stainless steel components, be adjustable by means of a flow control valve and piston sleeve. Air cushion shall be totally enclosed with a metal end cap with an o-ring.

All valves are built for horizontal installation. However, all valves operate equally well in vertical installations. Prior to valve installation, Pratt should be notified of vertical mounting position so lever arm and weight can be properly positioned on valve.

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