Multiport Plug Valve Spec Sheet

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Valves shall be of the three way non-lubricated type with an elastomer covering all seating surfaces of the tapered plug. The elastomer shall be suitable for the service intended. Flanged valves shall be manufactured in accordance with ANSI B16.1 including facing, drilling and flange thickness. Valves shall be designed for a working pressure of 175 psi.

Valve bodies shall be of ASTM A-126 Class B cast iron. Plugs shall be of ASTM A-536 Grade 65-45-12 ductile iron in compliance with AWWA C-504. The axial position of the plug shall be held in place by an adjustable gland. The valve shall operate without the need for lifting prior to turning the plug.

Valves shall be furnished with replaceable sleeve type bearings conforming to AWWA C-504 and AWWA C-507. Bearings shall be of sintered, oil impregnated type 316 stainless steel ASTM A743 Grade CF-8M. Valve shaft seals shall be of the U cup type in accordance with AWWA C-504. Seals shall be self adjusting and repackable without removing the bonnet from the valve.

Wrench operated valves shall be capable of being converted to worm gear or automated operation without removing the bonnet or plug from the valve. All wrench operated valves shall be equipped with a 2 square nut for use with removable levers or extended T handles.

Worm gear operator, where required, shall be of heavy duty construction with the ductile iron quadrant supported on top and bottom by oil impregnated bronze bearings. The worm gear and shaft shall be manufactured of hardened steel and run on high efficiency roller bearings. Worm gear operators shall require single handwheel only.

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