Wafer Check Valve Spec Sheet

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Check valve shall be of the short face-to-face type with external spring to ensure tight shutoff. The pressure rating shall be 200 psi.

Valve Body
Valve bodies shall be of ASTM A-126 Class B cast iron. Disc and disc arm shall be of ASTM A-743 Grade CF8M stainless steel.

Valve Shaft
The valve shaft shall be manufactured of ASTM A-276 Grade 316 stainless steel and supported by two (2) SAE 660 bronze bearings. Shaft sealing shall be accomplished by multiple rings of braided PTFE Teflon rings. Packing shall be utilized on each side of the valve.

Arm Assembly
The design of the valve shall be such that spring/arm assembly can be field changed from right to left. The closure spring shall be manufactured of ASTM A-228 spring steel. The spring arm shall be constructed of carbon steel ASTM A-36 and designed to provide disc position indication. The spring arm shall be capable of overriding the spring action for use as an override lever.

Valve Seat
The valve seat shall be of specified O-ring material and retained in a dovetail groove in the valve body.

Check valves shall be Henry Pratt series 700 as manufactured by the Henry Pratt Company.

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