HP-250 Butterfly Valve, 250# Flanged Ends Spec Sheet:  Sizes 6" - 48"

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Valves shall be manufactured with a 250 psi rating. The valves shall be capable of operating at pressures of 250 psi and will comply with the following details:

Valve Bodies
Shall be constructed of cast iron ASTM A-126HB. End connections shall be as specified on the plans.

Valve Discs
Shall be made from cast iron ASTM A-126, Class B or ductile iron ASTM A-536. Discs shall be furnished with 316 stainless steel seating edge to mate with the rubber seat.

Valve Seat
Shall be BUNA-N rubber located on the valve body.

Valve Shafts
Shall be stainless steel ASTM A-564 Type 630 Condition H-1100. Stub shafts or through shafts are acceptable.

Shaft Seals
Shall be standard self-adjusting split V packing. Shaft seals shall be of a design allowing replacement without removing the valve shaft.

Valve Actuators
Shall be fully grease packed and have stops in the open/closed position. The actuator shall have a mechanical stop which will withstand an input torque of 450 ft. lbs. against the stop. The traveling nut shall engage alignment grooves in the housing. The actuators shall have a built in packing leak bypass to eliminate possible leakage into the actuator housing.

The Valve Interior and Exterior Surfaces except for seating shall be coated with two coats of asphalt varnish in accordance with TT-C-494A and AWWA C504 latest edition.

All Valves shall be hydrostatic and leak tested. The leak test shall be performed at a differential pressure of 250 psig with the disc in a closed position. In a slightly open position, internal hydrostatic pressure equal to 500 psi shall be applied to the inside of the valve body for five minutes.

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