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Check-Mate Pump Check Control System Specification

The control system for the pump check valve shall provide the following functions:

  1. Independent adjustable rates of valve opening and closing operations.

  2. Independent adjustable emergency closure rate resulting from an electric power failure or other operational signal eliminating power to the system.

The system shall be provided with a single solenoid four-way valve for the normal open and close function. Two solenoid operated two-way valves shall be provided for emergency closure, bypassing the single solenoid four-way valve. Separate adjustable speed control valves shall be furnished for open, close and emergency operation. The system shall be provided with a manual override for the normal open and close function.

The required speeds of operation shall be as follows:

Normal open
60 seconds minimum
300 seconds maximum

Normal close
60 seconds minimum
300 seconds maximum

Emergency close
10 seconds minimum
20 seconds maximum

The control system shall be fully piped and wired, and contained within a NEMA XII cabinet with a hinged access door. All fittings and tubing shall be brass and copper. Electrical wiring shall terminate in a separate NEMA IV junction box within the control cabinet.

The pump check valve should be furnished with three limit switches. One each for the full open or full close positions, and the third switch shall provide momentary interruption of the pump motor control to initiate pump shutdown prior to 100% valve closure to minimize hydraulic surge.

The pump check system shall be the Check-Mate systems as manufactured by the Henry Pratt Company.

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