Electro-Check Spec Sheet: 

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In addition to the pump check valve hydraulic controls, an electric control panel shall be supplied containing all necessary relays, timers, buttons and lights to interface the pump controls with the pump check valve controls. The panel shall provide for:

  1. Visual indication of valve position with red and green indicating lights.

  2. Visual indication of alarm conditions with amber flashing light.

  3. Emergency shutdown of pump and valve by an external button.

  4. Pump system lockout after an alarm condition. System to be started again only after the reset button is pressed.

The alarm function of the panel shall include an adjustable solid state timing relay, lockout relay, flashing light and reset button. The controls shall be housed in a continuous hinge NEMA 4 cabinet suitable for wall mounting. Each alarm relay shall have a set of contacts wired to the terminal strip for remote indication.

The control system shall be the Standard Electro-Check (Diagnostic Electro-Check) system as manufactured by the Henry Pratt Company.

Optional Equipment:
  • Pressure switches

  • Cabinet floorstand

  • Individual alarm pilot lights for pump failure, low pressure and high pressure conditions.*

  • Individual lockout timers for monitoring alarm conditions.*

  • *Standard on diagnostic system.

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