Cylinder Spec Sheet: 

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Cylinder actuators for valves 3 8 shall be of the scotch yoke type. Valve sizes 10 and larger shall be supplied with a compound link and lever arrangement designed to minimize water hammer by providing characterized opening and closing. The concept of characterized closure is to reduce the flow area quickly to 20% open in the first half of the actuator stroke, and then slow down the disc travel to close off the last 20% of the flow area. Each unit shall comply to AWWA C-540 Standard for Power Actuating Devices.

All wetted parts of the cylinder shall be nonmetallic, except the cylinder rod which shall be chromium plated stainless steel. The rod seals shall be of the nonadjustable, wear compensating type. A rod wiper for removing deposits inside the cylinder shall be provided in addition to an external dirt wiper. Cylinder actuator can be supplied with an optional manual override. Cylinder actuators shall be Pratt MDT with Dura-Cyl power cylinder or approved equal.

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