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Plug valves shall be of the non-lubricating, eccentric type and shall be designed for a working pressure of 175 psi for valves 12 and smaller, 150 psi for valves 14 and larger. Valves shall provide tight shut-off at rated pressure. Valve shall be manufactured by Henry Pratt.

Valves 20 and smaller shall have round port design. 24 and larger valves shall have rectangular port design.

Valve Body
The plug valve body shall be cast iron ASTM A126 Class B with welded-in overlay of 99% nickel alloy content on all surfaces contacting the face of the plug. Sprayed, plated, nickel welded rings or seats screwed into the body are not acceptable.

Valve Plug
The valve plug shall be ductile iron ASTM A-536, Grade 65-45-12 with Buna N resilient seating surface to mate with the body seat.

Valve Flanges
Valve flanges shall be in strict accordance with ANSI B16.1, Class 125.

Valve Bearings
Plug valve shall be furnished with permanently lubricated sleeve type bearings conforming to AWWA C517. Bearings shall be of sintered, oil impregnated type 316 stainless steel ASTM A-743 Grade CF-8M or bronze ASTM B-127.

Valve Shaft Seals
Valves shaft seals shall be of the U cup type, in accordance with AWWA C517. Seals shall be self adjusting and repackable without moving the bonnet from the valve.

Valve Actuators
6 and smaller exposed valves shall be provided with wrench actuators. 8 and larger exposed valves shall be provided with worm gear type manual actuators. All buried valves shall be provided with worm and gear actuators suited for the intended service.

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