Tilting Disc Check Valve Spec Sheet

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The check valve shall be of the tilting disc type as manufactured by Henry Pratt Company. The tilting disc check valve shall consist of a circular disc with conical rim, hinged about a fixed pivot above its center-line and offset from the plane of the seat, sealing against a body seat clamped between the two sections of the valve body.

Valve Construction
The body shall be two-piece, consisting of an entrance and a discharge section bolted together at an angle with the pipeline. A non-asbestos gasket placed between the two 55 degree slanted body flanges shall be used to prevent leakage. The valve shall be complete with ANSI class flanges to mate with adjacent equipment.

A body seat shall be clamped in place in a slot between the two body sections. The body seat shall have a conical finish to mate with the disc seat. There shall be an inspection port provided in both the entrance and discharge sections to provide visual access both upstream and downstream of the disc. An indicator shall be provided to show disc position for the full range of travel. Bosses shall be cast in both the entrance and discharge sections to allow for a top mounted oil dashpot for controlled opening and closing.

All valve castings shall be ductile iron ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12. The disc and body seat ring shall be Bronze B62. The hinge-pin shall be stainless steel ASTM A276 Type 304. The bearing sleeve shall be Bronze B62.

Seat and leakage testing shall be in strict accordance with AWWA Standard C-508 latest edition for Swing Check Valves. Rated working pressure of the check valve line is 300 psi.

Coating shall be a NSF61 approved epoxy.

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