Energy Dissipating Fixed Cone Valve Spec Sheet

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The fixed cone valve shall be as manufactured by the Henry Pratt Company or approved equal.

The valve shall be designed as a free discharging fixed cone valve capable of operating throughout its range safely without cavitation or vibration. The valve shall be metal to metal seated achieving drip tight shut off.

Valve Body
The body will be of a cylindrical design with an upstream flange for connecting to a conduit/pipe. The downstream end will contain a floating metal conical seat ring designed to isolate it from stresses that can cause distortion. The body will incorporate four vanes designed as stabilizers to allow the valve gate to travel from open to closed without vibration. The conical seat will be field replaceable without removing the valve from the line. The body will have external O-ring seals to prevent leakage during operation.

Valve (Sleeve) Gate
The sleeve gate is cylindrical and uses a linear motion to open and close the valve. Seating is achieved by an internal sealing surface which contacts the floating body seat at the end of its stroke.

When a hood is required to direct the discharge flow stream it should be attached to the valve body. Hoods attached to the valve gate (sleeve) shall not be allowed.

Fixed cone valves can be operated using either electric motors, hydraulic cylinders or manual operators. The chosen method shall be sized to perform the function for which it is required. Operators shall conform to AWWA C540.

The valve shall be hydrostatically tested at two times working (rated) pressure for 30 minutes and shall show no sign of leakage at the welded areas or throw the body. The body and gate (sleeve) seat when in the closed position shall be drip tight.

Before coatings are applied, blast clean all un-machined areas to SSPC-SP10 standards. Coat surfaces with two coats of high solids epoxy paint or engineers recommended coatings.

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